Vi-Ability was founded in 2009 by Kelly Davies, a former Arsenal, Liverpool and Wales footballer. Kelly wants sport to be seen not just as fun, but in an age of continuing austerity, as a cost effective tool that can used to address national political agendas in areas like employment and health, and having a lasting impact on society. 

We started with our first project in Colwyn Bay in North Wales, but now have programmes operational across the Wales and London and have run programme’s in India, and in four EU countries - Spain: Portugal: Sweden: and Italy. We’ve expanded beyond football into other sports such as hockey: tennis: swimming: golf and cricket.

But most significantly, our social impact is undeniable. Vi-Ability engages with on average 300 young people in each geographical area per year, and to date has changed the lives of over 3,000 individuals from London, to Wales and India. 75% of these individuals have gone on to secure positive outcomes, and 95% achieved at least two recognised qualifications and soft skill outcomes. 



”Our goal remains the same, to engage young and economically inactive people through a course that reflects their interests and needs.”

Despite our growth, our goal remains the same; to tackle social issues head on with our expanding expertise across multiples sports and learning programmes tailored to engage young and economically inactive people through a course that reflects their interests and needs.

We have been awarded The Big Society Award from the Prime Minister, were chosen as a Deloitte Social Innovation Pioneer. Our most prestigious award was being crowned Wales and UK Social Enterprise of the year 2015. Each one of these accomplishments reminds me how far Vi-Ability has come and represents the lives and communities we have worked so hard to change for the better.

To date we have reinvested £2.8 million back into local communities. In the next 5 years, Vi-Ability’s ambition is to launch new and exciting products and services and to transform the lives of a further 10,000 young people around the world and help them achieve things that they never thought were possible. 


Kelly Davies