Geraint's story

Supported employment contract

Geraint became homeless at 17 when the relationship between he and his father broke down. He had an anger management problem that had been present since he was a young child, was getting into trouble with the police for fighting and was using drugs.

Geraint spent time in a hostel and joined the Street Football Wales programme. There he was treated with respect and began to take responsibility for his behaviour and his actions. With guidance and support, he stopped abusing drugs and was selected for the 2012 Welsh Dragons team representing Wales at the Homeless World Cup in Mexico. Throughout the 12-week training programme and the tournament itself he really rose to the challenge, improving his temper significantly and managing some difficult situations with maturity.

As his confidence grew, Geraint developed a renewed motivation to look for work and towards the end of 2012 an opportunity presented itself. Vi-ability, who work in partnership with the WCVA on the Jobs Growth Wales ‘Supported Employment’ programme, was able to offer paid employment to three young people to work at Street Football Wales for six months. Geraint applied for one of the jobs and was appointed in November 2012.

During the application process Geraint experienced his first formal job interview, sitting in front of a panel and being scored. Since commencing in the post, Geraint has hit the ground running, learning many new skills and also realising just how much he could already do. He has shown a real aptitude for writing and has recently been put in charge of the website.

Geraint’s confidence is growing each day. He has been involved in organising and delivering the SFW project as well as organising a very successful fundraising campaign ‘Score A Goal For Change’ with his colleagues. He is able to communicate confidently with partner organisations and all who work with him are looking forward to seeing him reach his full potential- they won’t be waiting long.

Geraint said that being involved in the programme has given him the sense of belonging that had been missing in his life. He feels he is a part of something and has a career to look forward to.