Keri's story

Qualification delivery


Like so many graduates, Keri Jones struggled to find a suitable position after completing her degree at Bangor University in 2010.

She joined Vi-Ability when her previous job of 6 months was not made permanent.

“I got my hours dropped and couldn’t survive on that money.”

In her initial role with Vi-Ability, Keri’s duties included answering the phone, dealing with enquiries and putting together staff rotas at Colwyn Bay Football Club. Keri then became a community manager and was given more responsibility. “I got a bit more put on my shoulders, I had to go out to schools and try to get them to do business studies.”

“It gave me confidence to go and meet people and learn about things you wouldn’t necessarily know about if you weren’t involved in the community: people skills, dealing with children and that kind of thing.”

She also represented Vi-Ability at UEFA camps in Germany and Poland as part of the European work placement. “It was a bit scary at the beginning,” she admits, “but it was really, really good.”

Keri has recently started a new job as a customer consultant at a national building society, but says that Vi-Ability played a significant part in her career development and gave her a solid foundation of skills and training.

“Giving me more responsibility helped me gain confidence and apply myself to things that I didn’t even know I could do before I was at Vi-Ability.”

“The HRM qualifications that I gained mean I can apply for jobs and progress in my career development with confidence”