Individuals deliver World Cup quiz to support those with brain injuries

Vi-Ability are delivering their award-winning ‘Run the Club’ programme in the heart of Greenwich.  The Better Leisure centre in Eltham hosts the programme which is being delivered in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Vi-Ability have worked in the borough for over 3 years now thanks to this longstanding partnership, we continue to work with individuals as well as the surrounding communities to make Greenwich a better place for them to live and work.

The Run the Club programme teaches individuals key life and employability skills through the hook of the sport industry, in particuarly football. A theme of social action is embedded into our programmes because it not only benefits communities, it also brings benefits to the people who do it. Studies indicate undertaking social action builds confidence, team work skills, resilience and character – key attributes for succeeding in employment and in life.


The individuals completing the programme planned and delivered a social action event with local partners, Headway, who support survivors of brain injuries. They wanted to provide a range of activities and give the users the opportunity to learn new skills. The individuals developed plans to deliver an exciting “World Cup Day” for users at the day centre in Abbey Wood. They discovered a lack of sport related activities for sufferers so they planned a day full of games, a quiz and various other activities based around the much anticipated football World Cup.

The wider aim of delivering these activities to the Headway group was to encourage the users to exercise their memory and to learn new information and skills. The individuals used a French game called Paysville, where the users were given a letter and they had to name a team, fruit and country beginning with the same letter, as well as playing “Flags of the World Cup” where each participant was given flags of all the countries participating in this World Cup, they then had to name the flags according to the right countries and then group the countries into the Continents that they represent and ended the day with a fun World Cup quiz.


Debbie Grogan, the activity leader at Headway said of the Vi-ability participants, “The Vi-Ability group were very supportive to the clients, they spoke to them on their level and made sure that it was a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. Each student spent time actually talking to the users, even asking them about their brain injury which many people find hard. It was a very positive day for everyone involved and has hopefully raised awareness of brain injuries.”

Ola, a participant on the programme had this to say about his experience “ I did not expect this to be so enjoyable, it was a great experience for myself and the group to help plan the day and deliver the events. We also learnt so much about brain injuries and we were happy to support the users and give them a positive experience.”

This day was an opportunity for Vi-Ability participants to put into practise their new skills and qualifications they gained on the programme, such as the Sports Leaders ‘Go Lead’ award. It was the participants task to come up with the games, activities and to take control of the running of the day ensuring that all activities would benefit the users in some way.


Overall, the day was a massive success, the Headway team and users were very happy with the Vi-Ability group and have offered them an opportunity to volunteer with the charity in the future. Vi-Ability look forward to working with Headway again as we build on our relationship and continue to have an impact on our local community through the power of sport.

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