Vi-Ability set to replicate its award-winning, viable club model, in India

Following a hugely successful business trip to India in April 2014 Vi-Ability has now commenced its work replicating its, award winning, viable club model in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Vi-Ability has recently secured a £30,000 grant from Gwirvol, which will provide opportunities for 18 young people to travel to India for a month to support various community projects.  This is an exciting opportunity potentially a life changing experience as they share their skills and expertise in a vastly different country and environment. 

This is just the kick-start to our programme in India. Vi-Ability has ambitious plans that will see us working alongside numerous community groups to raise the educational attainment of young people, parents and families across Tamil Nadu, become a front runner in supporting fledgling social entrepreneurship in India, particularly in the field of sport and education whilst providing expertise to NGO’s and community groups to enable more women to achieve basic education skills to set themselves up in business.  At the same time our work will create a network of international exchange, whereby young people from both nations directly benefit through the exchange of culture, knowledge and skills.

Vi-Ability is proud to announce its official partners as Silo India and Tie-Upp.

Silo India a social enterprise set up to tackle rural poverty and increase the life chances of local residents works alongside local partners to increase opportunities in education, child development and sport for everyone.  Silo India also works with local communities and farmers to preserve and maintain the local environment through a range of conservation activities.  To further support their work Silo India welcomes international volunteers to support their community projects. 

Over the coming months Vi-Ability will also be working with Tie-Upp - an innovative company that seeks to bridge the gap from the individual to the service they need to progress and succeed in sport.  And not just as a player but a coach, physiotherapist, administrator and entrepreneur.  Vi-Ability will kick start this partnership by supporting Tie-Upp and Tennis Alicante India at one of their international training camps for talented tennis players in Chennai.  From October Vi-Ability will be delivering our bespoke BTEC qualifications to our first group in Madurai.

This is an exciting development for Vi-Ability and one we want to share with as many partners and young people as possible.  If you are aged 18 -25 and want to volunteer in India for a month, or your organisation want to get involved and support our work please do not hesitate to contact: Joanne Welford (Operations Manager),, 029 2050 4123.