Re-investing in Sports, Communities and Individuals.

A consortium of organisations are working in partnership to launch an exciting and innovative “Re-investing in Sports, Communities and Individuals’ project.

The scheme will aim to reduce the difficulties and hardship that people within the communities’ first areas of Conwy borough face when trying to afford: equipment; clothing; travel and membership fees; so they can engage in a variety of sports / exercise based activities on a regular basis and make a positive difference to their lives.

The project will be launched in the coming weeks and a Project Officer, John Anderson, has been appointed thanks to funding through the WCVA’s Intermediate Labour Market Scheme. This position has seen John return to employment for the first time in three years, to implement a project that will see;

1. The creation of a bursary pot of equipment, clothing, travel tickets and membership fees that residents can access. 

2. Supported employment and volunteering opportunities being created for individuals to get involved with the project, to combine and coordinate all efforts in the community.

3. Further investment is being leveraged through fund raising & the launch of a sports equipment recycling service.

As part of the project, volunteers are being sought to take part in fund raising and also to sit on the funding panel to help make decisions on how the bursary pot should be distributed.

For further information call John, or other staff members at Vi-Ability on 01492 583555 or follow us on Twitter @sportsrecycling, or like our Facebook page to keep updated with all developments.