‘Corporate to Community: A CSR experience’

We are pleased to launch another string to our bow. As a social enterprise it is paramount we diversify our income streams so we continue the huge impact we have on transforming individuals, clubs and communities.

A Vi-Ability organised CSR day would allow skilled individuals within a corporate organisation to spend time working with a community sports club. Community sports clubs are currently facing major issues, such as a lack of funding, lack of skilled resource and difficulties in attracting people to use the facilities. As part of the CSR day colleagues work in small teams and engage in real life issues, problem-solving and coming up with workable solutions to tackle the issues most prevalent at sports clubs.

Vi-Ability were honoured to create a bespoke ‘Corporate to Community’ CSR day for Red Bull. The day was a great success as Red Bull colleagues took part in a Vi-Ability CSR day at Ilford Sports Club, London. A wide range of professional skill sets and levels of organisational seniority were represented. The day included presentations from staff members at Ilford Sports Club, team brainstorming sessions and presentations on development opportunities for the Club, plus the opportunity to experience and participate in fun and unique Ilford Sports Club ‘fitness showcase’. The day was not only enjoyable but allowed Red Bull staff to use their skills in a new and challenging environment.

“We were looking for an alternative team day where we could use our marketing and business skills to make a difference. Vi-Ability provided us with the perfect match. We spent a full day at Ilford Sports Club working through a range of challenges facing the club. It was energising, impactful and incredibly thought provoking for everyone involved. We can't recommend it enough.” Nikki Wilson, Head of Wings for Life UK

If you are interested in becoming a partner Sports Club, or a corporate looking for real impactful CSR experience then please email Info@vi-ability.org for your information pack and consultation. Alternatively, you can register your interest online and the Vi-Ability team will get in touch.